Broadcast Team



Producer/ Host/ Moderator

Sean Forker, 34, is a long-tenured (over 20 years!) investigator and researcher into the unexplained.


Forker is the former Host and Producer of many podcasts including The Sasquatch Experience (2005-2010), Beyond the Edge Radio (2007-2014), Arcane Radio (2014-2018), The Nocturnal Journal (2017), and was the Host of The Existence of Strange Things (2018-2019).


Sean’s experience and critical commentary make him a well-respected source in the research field.



Co-Producer/ Co-Host

Vance Nesbitt was born the last of the Baby Boomer Generation. Through the years of life experiences, he has always found the Paranormal subject matter compelling. It wasn't until his late twenties that the subject became reality with personal experiences of the unexplained.


Since then he has worked in aviation and has taken flight in rare aircraft of previous wars. In this era of his life, he dedicates time to his love of artwork through painting and visual stimuli.


Vance is currently honing the skills of communication with the attentive audience worldwide in the subject of all things paranormal.



Co-Host/ Movie Buff

Maz Adams is a professional freelance artist, nerd, sports enthusiast and lover of the paranormal from New Jersey.


He developed a passion for the unexplained as a wee lad growing up in Brooklyn, NY, where almost everything defies explanation. Referred to as a “Renaissance Man” by others, he considers himself a jack of all trades and a master of none.


Whether it’s in his art or his podcasting, he brings a level of humor, wit, intelligence and passion that is truly SuperNRML!



Color Commentator

Bakeshop, as he is known by his friends and listeners, is a former co-host of The Sasquatch Experience and Beyond the Edge Radio.


When not investigating unusual phenomena with Forker, he likes to take on new hobbies, giving less time for him to pay attention to the voices in his head. James crafts Yard and House Art, such as Tiki men or Moa Heads.